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Three days to go - Rann Government panicking over RAH

Posted by Save RAH on March 16, 2010 at 8:54 AM Comments comments (0)

I can't really say Mike Rann and friends are panicking because I can't get into their minds, but the actions we see are certainly consistent with that view.  Monday's offering was John Hill calling Isobel Redmond a liar because of a ruling by the electoral commissioner over an electoral ad about the RAH. Such personal attacks simply reflect that the Government has run out of ideas to defend its flawed plan.  It is the action of fear and panic.


Whatever Mr Hill may say about the opposition and wihout needing to comment on the reasons for the Electoral Commissioner's determination, we, Save the RAH Party, assert that we are RIGHT in what we say:


   1.   The existing RAH is a $1bn functioning but half-finished hospital.

   2.   The existing RAH is sited near and with its necessary siblings, the Dental Hospital, the IMVS, the University, what was the Hanson Institute of Medical Research (before this government moved to disband, restructure and rebadge it prior to moving it away). 

   3.   The Redevelopment was started in about 2001 and promised World-class standards.  It would have delivered them by 2010 if John HIll had not interfered and stopped it in 2007.

   4.  We do not need new plans, just an update of ones we already have, to accommodate changes in practice and medical technology.

   5.  The cost is known and is NOT the same as $1.7bn for the railyards.

   6.  We are told that the estimated cost of the Railyards Hospital does not include the cost of cleaning up the site.

   7.  We are told that the estimated cost of the railyards does not include the value of the land - the Government claims as they control it they can do what they like - never mind the Parklands use.

 The list goes on and on.


The question waiting for an answer is why do we not have proper information on the Railyards Hospital? Just fodder for spin.

Say what you will in your debates between major parties, but we are not lying, Minister,

The real option for voters concerned with the future health and financial health of SA, is:


On March 20th, vote 1: Save the RAH


Authorised by J Katsaros, 188 Grenfell St Adelaide



Posted by Save RAH on March 14, 2010 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

In the Stateline interview on Friday 12th Health Minister John Hill said that his cost of the Railyards hospital was possible because there was no cost for land as the Government owned the land. The first implication of this statement is that if the cost of land is included then the price would not be $1.7bn but more than $2bn.

The second implication is more sinister and goes to the heart of trust. Minister Hill, acting as part of the Rann Government puts forward the belief that the Government “owns “ land like the Parklands and may dispose of it as it wishes. This belief is underpinned by the changes they made to the parklands legislation which excludes from any protection the North Terrace precinct from the existing RAH to the Railyards and everything in between.

It seems to have escaped the consciousness of the Rann Government that certain lands are held by the Government IN TRUST for the people of South Australia. To dispose of them at will is a BREACH OF TRUST.

This is exactly what the Rann Government is doing BREACHING TRUST – on North Terrace, at Glenside, at St Clair. An unwitting accident? It would appear not. The publicized proposal to Cabinet for a hotel development on the Thorndon Park reserve was rejected by Cabinet. It is not too fanciful to think that it was rejected because the Government perceived that the public mood would not stand for it.

This is a glimpse into the Government mindset. An attitude “we own the land , we can do what we like with it” instead of the longstanding public expectation that public lands are held in TRUST.


It is a long way back from the brink of losing public land held in trust. The process won’t even begin under a Rann Government, and under a Redmond Government there is an urgency to begin the process by rebuilding the RAH on site. Can you trust SAVE THE RAH? YES, because its policy is limited and clear. (As a matter of interest the RAH is NOT BUILT ON PARKLANDS. Col Light designated space for a hospital.)

On 20th March Vote 1 SAVE THE RAH.


Posted by Save RAH on March 14, 2010 at 9:24 PM Comments comments (0)


At the Government’s campaign Launch, Premier Rann asked voters to consider his record on infrastructure. It is proper to respond to the request.

SAVE THE RAH‘s natural first concern is what has happened at the RAH. In 2001 the Government embarked on a redevelopment of the RAH and in 2007 abandoned the project, stopped the money leaving half the hospital unfinished. Then they announced the “Marj”. No plans have been released, for it’s all up in the air. So with no public plans they announced a cost of $1.7bn (How can you define a cost without plans, if there are plans then why keep them secret?) There has been no allowance for the cost of remediation of a contaminated site – 100years of railway debris 15m deep, AND add another $1bn being the value of the half finished working hospital the Government is abandoning. SO HOSPITAL INFRASTRUCTURE ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT.

Any perusal of the RAH patient lists reveals that on any one day there is an average of 30 patients who are occupying acute care beds who no longer require acute care. They can’t be discharged because they have nowhere to go. Some are homeless, others live alone and have no one to keep an eye on them, some are disabled and have no suitable accommodation to go to. The solution of these problems and of many others lies in Public Housing policy. SO IT SEEMS THAT HOUSING INFRASTRUCTURE ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT.

Everyone has been aware of the crisis in Mental Health. With hospitals’ Emergency Departments under pressure anyway, the need to ration facilities is achieved often by discharging vulnerable people with mental health issues either into no care or the care of friends and relatives who don’t understand the patient’s illness. Some are even frightened of it. The problems here involve adequate housing (see above) or dedicated MH facilities. Oh! We forgot, the film corporation wants a more central location and what better place than Glenside, SO IT SEEMS THAT MENTAL HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT.

And just one more…. As medical services are divided up in the ever present search for efficiency, it is leading towards the problem for patients, many elderly, having to travel between clinics located at different hospitals. This is probably alright if you can drive, but what if you can’t. Getting across town in a timely manner is impossible except by swapping bus, train, bus and so on. The solution lies in Transport Infrastructure. We now have a tram I suppose. SO IT SEEMS TRANSPORT ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT EITHER.

Let us voters do just what Premier Rann wants us to do and consider the record on infrastructure. And that honestly considered will point you away from the Government. Help to get one piece of infrastructure right.

On March 20th Vote 1 SAVE THE RAH.


Posted by Save RAH on March 13, 2010 at 7:42 AM Comments comments (0)

Did you see the Friday 12th Edition of Stateline? A prominent feature of that presentation was vision through the service tunnels under the RAH, showing rusting dilapidated piping- the segment implying that the condition of services are so bad that it justifies the move to the rail yards project.

Anyone who knows the service tunnels would also know that a few meters from the videoed site under the refurbished main block are tunnels which now contain modern clean services electricity ,steam, water, medical gasses and sewers The awful looking condensate drain which is under the boiler house is just as it was shown. What was not said was that planned upgrade of the areas shown was part of the refurbishment which Minister John Hill stopped in 2007. Compere Ian Henschke proudly stated that the vision shown was part of Stateline’s report last year. Then Minister Hill went on to reiterate discredited arguments for the rail yards hospital.


This is not just spin, but recycled spin - continuing spin.. The unspun thread would show the extent of refurbishment of services already completed


SAVE THE RAH lead candidate Jim Katsaros tried to do that upstairs in the most modern and extensive surgical recovery suite in Australia, but that appearance was submerged by the wash of spin from Minister Hill.


The choice is interesting.


Either Minister Hill believes the yarn he is spinning, or he doesn’t. If he believes it then he is mistaken, even misled enough to put up just half the story. If he doesn’t believe it then why is he spinning the yarn? Voters have the choice of being fooled by the spin or not.


On March 20th VOTE 1 SAVE THE RAH.


Posted by Save RAH on March 11, 2010 at 3:44 AM Comments comments (0)

Loyalty is a rare and precious thing. Sometimes the object of our loyalty may do something that is unwise or foolish, and it is our Loyalty that compels us to state our disappointment to our friend without lessening our commitment.

On the election trail, many Labor voters have expressed to me their disappointment at the proposal for the railyards hospital and are torn between their firm, lifetime commitment to the Labor movement and their concern for South Australia’s needs. We have been told by several of them that even Premier Rann and Minister Lomax Smith were uncomfortable with the proposal to destroy what we have at RAH and then build a concrete and glass edifice on the railway lines in the parklands.

SAVE THE RAH party is a one term party, by the next election we will either have succeeded or failed and the reason for the party will have expired.

On March 20th Labor voters unhappy with the new hospital proposal can SAFELY PARK THEIR VOTE WITH SAVE THE RAH PARTY without turning their back on their lifetime commitment.

In the interests of the future of South Australia and of Labor VOTE 1 SAVE THE RAH.


Save RAH candidate 'gatecrashes' Rann press conference

Posted by Save RAH on March 8, 2010 at 10:48 PM Comments comments (0)

Save RAH candidate for Mawson Dr David Senior held a surprise press conference earlier this week when he stumbled onto a secret Labor press conference being conducted at the Lyell McEwin Hospital.  To read the story follow this link