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Posted by Save RAH on March 13, 2010 at 7:42 AM

Did you see the Friday 12th Edition of Stateline? A prominent feature of that presentation was vision through the service tunnels under the RAH, showing rusting dilapidated piping- the segment implying that the condition of services are so bad that it justifies the move to the rail yards project.

Anyone who knows the service tunnels would also know that a few meters from the videoed site under the refurbished main block are tunnels which now contain modern clean services electricity ,steam, water, medical gasses and sewers The awful looking condensate drain which is under the boiler house is just as it was shown. What was not said was that planned upgrade of the areas shown was part of the refurbishment which Minister John Hill stopped in 2007. Compere Ian Henschke proudly stated that the vision shown was part of Stateline’s report last year. Then Minister Hill went on to reiterate discredited arguments for the rail yards hospital.


This is not just spin, but recycled spin - continuing spin.. The unspun thread would show the extent of refurbishment of services already completed


SAVE THE RAH lead candidate Jim Katsaros tried to do that upstairs in the most modern and extensive surgical recovery suite in Australia, but that appearance was submerged by the wash of spin from Minister Hill.


The choice is interesting.


Either Minister Hill believes the yarn he is spinning, or he doesn’t. If he believes it then he is mistaken, even misled enough to put up just half the story. If he doesn’t believe it then why is he spinning the yarn? Voters have the choice of being fooled by the spin or not.


On March 20th VOTE 1 SAVE THE RAH.

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