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Posted by Save RAH on March 14, 2010 at 9:24 PM


At the Government’s campaign Launch, Premier Rann asked voters to consider his record on infrastructure. It is proper to respond to the request.

SAVE THE RAH‘s natural first concern is what has happened at the RAH. In 2001 the Government embarked on a redevelopment of the RAH and in 2007 abandoned the project, stopped the money leaving half the hospital unfinished. Then they announced the “Marj”. No plans have been released, for it’s all up in the air. So with no public plans they announced a cost of $1.7bn (How can you define a cost without plans, if there are plans then why keep them secret?) There has been no allowance for the cost of remediation of a contaminated site – 100years of railway debris 15m deep, AND add another $1bn being the value of the half finished working hospital the Government is abandoning. SO HOSPITAL INFRASTRUCTURE ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT.

Any perusal of the RAH patient lists reveals that on any one day there is an average of 30 patients who are occupying acute care beds who no longer require acute care. They can’t be discharged because they have nowhere to go. Some are homeless, others live alone and have no one to keep an eye on them, some are disabled and have no suitable accommodation to go to. The solution of these problems and of many others lies in Public Housing policy. SO IT SEEMS THAT HOUSING INFRASTRUCTURE ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT.

Everyone has been aware of the crisis in Mental Health. With hospitals’ Emergency Departments under pressure anyway, the need to ration facilities is achieved often by discharging vulnerable people with mental health issues either into no care or the care of friends and relatives who don’t understand the patient’s illness. Some are even frightened of it. The problems here involve adequate housing (see above) or dedicated MH facilities. Oh! We forgot, the film corporation wants a more central location and what better place than Glenside, SO IT SEEMS THAT MENTAL HEALTH INFRASTRUCTURE ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT.

And just one more…. As medical services are divided up in the ever present search for efficiency, it is leading towards the problem for patients, many elderly, having to travel between clinics located at different hospitals. This is probably alright if you can drive, but what if you can’t. Getting across town in a timely manner is impossible except by swapping bus, train, bus and so on. The solution lies in Transport Infrastructure. We now have a tram I suppose. SO IT SEEMS TRANSPORT ISN’T THE GOVERNMENTS LONG SUIT EITHER.

Let us voters do just what Premier Rann wants us to do and consider the record on infrastructure. And that honestly considered will point you away from the Government. Help to get one piece of infrastructure right.

On March 20th Vote 1 SAVE THE RAH.

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