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Three days to go - Rann Government panicking over RAH

Posted by Save RAH on March 16, 2010 at 8:54 AM

I can't really say Mike Rann and friends are panicking because I can't get into their minds, but the actions we see are certainly consistent with that view.  Monday's offering was John Hill calling Isobel Redmond a liar because of a ruling by the electoral commissioner over an electoral ad about the RAH. Such personal attacks simply reflect that the Government has run out of ideas to defend its flawed plan.  It is the action of fear and panic.


Whatever Mr Hill may say about the opposition and wihout needing to comment on the reasons for the Electoral Commissioner's determination, we, Save the RAH Party, assert that we are RIGHT in what we say:


   1.   The existing RAH is a $1bn functioning but half-finished hospital.

   2.   The existing RAH is sited near and with its necessary siblings, the Dental Hospital, the IMVS, the University, what was the Hanson Institute of Medical Research (before this government moved to disband, restructure and rebadge it prior to moving it away). 

   3.   The Redevelopment was started in about 2001 and promised World-class standards.  It would have delivered them by 2010 if John HIll had not interfered and stopped it in 2007.

   4.  We do not need new plans, just an update of ones we already have, to accommodate changes in practice and medical technology.

   5.  The cost is known and is NOT the same as $1.7bn for the railyards.

   6.  We are told that the estimated cost of the Railyards Hospital does not include the cost of cleaning up the site.

   7.  We are told that the estimated cost of the railyards does not include the value of the land - the Government claims as they control it they can do what they like - never mind the Parklands use.

 The list goes on and on.


The question waiting for an answer is why do we not have proper information on the Railyards Hospital? Just fodder for spin.

Say what you will in your debates between major parties, but we are not lying, Minister,

The real option for voters concerned with the future health and financial health of SA, is:


On March 20th, vote 1: Save the RAH


Authorised by J Katsaros, 188 Grenfell St Adelaide


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