Save RAH Party

Save RAH

                  How To Vote

for the election of the

52nd South Australian Parliament on 20 March 2010 

Scroll down and find your electorate for how to vote information.

If your electorate does not have a candidate listed for the House of Assembly you can still

 Vote 1 for the Save RAH party in the Legislative Council

You will receive two ballot papers. 

1. The Legislative Council

To make your vote count for the Legislative Council (the large ballot paper) simply place the

number 1 in the box for Save RAH Party above the line.  

There is no need to complete the ‘below the line’ section. 

Naturally, if you wish to allocate your own series of preferences you can fill out the 74 squares below the line in any order that suits you. It only takes about 3 minutes to do so.



2. The House of Assembly

Follow the instructions for your House of Assembly District below (small ballot paper).


You must number every square to make sure your vote counts. 

Electorates that have a Save RAH Party candidate include:

Adelaide, Bright, Florey, Frome, Hartley, Mawson, Morialta, Newland, Norwood and West Torrens

                If you cannot see your electorate in this list you can still vote 1 for the Save RAH Party in the                Legislative Council, as described at the top of the page.

For a printer friendly version of the how to vote card for your electorate simply click on the relevant card below

Follow this link for polling booth locations











West Torrens